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More on Teel

While some of the information in the latest Seattle Times piece on Mike Teel is nothing new, the article brings up a few interseting points.

Had I seen anyTeel interviews before the draft, it would have been clear how well Teel fit with what the Seahawks want in their players.

"I just tried to keep being myself," he said. "I pushed myself harder than anyone else pushed himself, and when the players saw me in the film room and getting with the coaches, doing extra work, when the older guys do that, it kind of rubs off on the younger guys. If you want to get better, you have to go out and get better. That's how basic it is."

Teel also felt the need to shoulder the responsibility for his team's failure early in the season, a move that shows the sort of leadership that the Hawks front office loves. At the very least, he looks well-grounded and bright.

Right now, Teel sits somewhere around 3rd on the depth chart. With Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace locked in at 1 and 2, Teel and Jeff Rowe will have to battle for the third spot.  He hasn't looked great so far in camp according to this dude, but it's early and I wouldn't put much stock in those opinions.