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Speculation and Vick

Michael Vick gets his release from prison today. As you might imagine, columns speculating about Vick's return are popping up like dandelions. John Clayton wrote one such article, and for some reason believes that the Seahawks will have an interest in Vick.

Those of you with an astute eye will have noticed that Clayton's top three "possibilities" for Vick are in the NFC West. Vick's 2004-2006 seasons averaged a DYAR of -242. That's not good. Even when Vick was fully immersed in football, his ability as a thrower left a lot to be desired.

As I'm up against a meeting here, I'll leave you guys to discuss the reasons why Vick wouldn't be a good fit for the Seahawks. I'll come back and try to moderate a discussion on where Vick would fit well. Be respectful of other opinions, and please stay away from dogfighting jokes and the like, as that will distract from the point of the discussion. Stay on point, people.