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Talk Amongst Yourselves's Rob Rang chimes in with his thoughts on some of the most impressive looking rookies so far. Seeing as how I'm currently enjoying flu-like symptoms, go ahead and discuss the potential here yourself. 

Deon Butler, WR, Seattle Seahawks: While most of the attention centered on No. 4 overall pick Aaron Curry, the rookie who stood out the most in Seattle's minicamp May 1-3 was the speedy Butler. The 4.28 speed Butler showcased at the scouting combine was on display during practices, providing the Seahawks with an element of big-play potential no other receiver on their roster possesses. Butler's soft hands, sharp route running and intelligence also impressed coaches.

Because Knapp's offense doesn't employ four receiver sets, Butler may struggle to get his talent onto the field early on barring injury. What is the most effective way to utilize Butler, given the presence of Branch, Houshmandzadeh, and Burleson?