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Red Bryant is a large man. His development is also potentially a large part of the Hawks defensive tackle rotation. According to Dave Boling at the TNT, he likes sushi.

Sure, there are a lot of other shiny new toys at training camp, but:

... in almost every team session, this huge guy wearing No. 79 kept showing up in the offense’s backfield. When a body was getting tossed around, No. 79 was often the tosser.*

It would be nice to find another disruptive tackle to pair with Brandon Mebane. Will Red be that tackle?

Technique and conditioning remain issues for Bryant. But the temperament? No, that’s not a concern.

So he's not wildly skilled and he's out of shape, but has a nasty attitude? Prove it.

That [temperament] was on display during Senior Bowl workouts before Bryant was drafted. He thought Chris Williams, who would be a first-round draft choice of the Bears, was trying to take advantage of him. Bryant sent a forceful message that such things were unacceptable.

Just a little flare up? "Nah, I was trying to break his facemask," Bryant admitted after getting drafted last spring.

If you read on, you'll find that Bryant and Brandon Mebane get along famously, and Mebane has even convinced Red to like sushi. Hopefully that's not all that rubs off on Bryant. Getting a forceful 3-tech tackle in Red would be an awful lot better than a season full of Colin Cole.


*I'm glad Red Bryant isn't British. I doubt he'd appreciate having been called a tosser.