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The Tape: Underwhelming in the Red Zone

Oregon ended the second and started the third with short drives that did not showcase Max Unger. He displayed good single-block pass pro to end the second and then struggled a bit at the goal line to start the third. I think this is an indication that when the defender can key run, Unger's strength limitations show.

  1. Unger moves hard-left, whiffs attempting to block Swanson Miller, but Jeremiah Johnson runs right and away from the tackle's pursuit.
  2. Ducks: 3WR (right), TE (right), RB (left), SG. Cowboys: 3-3. After the snap, Unger and Jeff Kendall pull right. Tight end Ed Dickinson must turn defensive end Derek Burton to contain the interior, but doesn't. Burton escapes with ease. Kendall pulls out into the second level and cut blocks the opposing outside linebacker, but Unger, seeing Dickinson has failed, turns back inside and thwacks Burton. Unger's absence opens a lane for strong safety Rickey Price to approach, square and tackle Johnson after no gain.
  3. Oregon agains attempts a screen and agains doesn't look like it actually executes the play despite a successful outcome. Unger slips the nose tackle and between two linemates create a sound screen just inside the flat, but Jeremiah Masoli finds Terrence Scott wide and Scott stays wide, straddling the sideline for a by the dive-of-the-tackled first down. Unger and his surrounding offensive linemen could've saved themselves some running.
  4. Effective single-block pass block.
  5. Oregon shifts the pocket right, Masoli runs left, riffles a ball at Jaison Williams, Williams fails to plant and come back for the ball, corner Perrish Cox does and intercepts Masoli's pass. Drive over.