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The Tape: Functional Powerhouse

College execution leaves something to be desired.

Unger sells pass pro, but the Cowboys' front seven reads screen. It is a screen -- hanging off its hinges. Unger sprints out and attempts to save the play, but he's putting a body between juggling Jamere Holland and the tide. Holland is tackled for a loss of two.

Combo pass block.

Oklahoma State overloads the left. A blitzer comes free and Masoli airmails it a billion yards over Holland's head.

-next drive-

Oregon runs the overload right look it attempted a sweep out of two drives before: 3 WR (right), TE (right), RB (left), SG. Oklahoma State runs a 4-2 nickel. Masoli does this.

Stop it at :32 and watch Unger. He moves slight-right and then, in a flash, explodes left into Swanson Miller. He just mauls the guy. That tears the middle right out of the defensive line and allows Oregon to explode the four-yard wide chasm you see at :35. Unger uses guile and football skills to turn his good raw-power into sometimes startling functional-power.