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The Tape: Max Unger Misses the Blitz II

The Ducks had the lowest time of possession in Division I and yet one of the best offenses. I wonder if Max Unger will need to improve his conditioning before becoming an effective pro. He'll definitely need to improve his blitz recognition.

Unger and the Oregon line start right, but Unger forcefully cuts back left, gets under Tonga Tea and pushes him right off the screen.

Reads, adjusts to stunt, fades left and finishes a good pass block.

Misreads blitz: Ducks break 2WR (left), WR (right), RB (right), TE (left), SG. Cowboys in a 3-3 nickel. Oklahoma State rushes its defensive line offensive-left and its linebackers offensive-right. It's a very vanilla blitz package reminiscent autumnal Ray Rhodes. It's also not too hard to block unless the line is taken in by the movement off the snap. Oregon's line is. Against the 107th ranked pass rush. Unger, specifically, is caught chasing the Cowboys nose tackle, pulling himself well out of place and leaving his accompanying right side moving to fill the middle. The Cowboys left outside and middle linebacker then have only the tight end to beat. Patrick Lavine comes free and pressures Masoli. Masoli throws a nice pass to receiver Terrence Scott's outside shoulder for 13 and the first.

Unger blocks right and a botched lateral attempt becomes a fumble. Ricky Price recovers at the Oregon 41.