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The Tape: Hurry Up

The offensive slugfest ESPN corporate thirsted for -- no demanded -- finally materialized in the third quarter. Oklahoma State did something Oregon seemed categorically against: construct a drive. With that drive they pulled ahead 24-22 and the tedious NBA-style scorefest was on. God forbid not every play turn into a jailbreak, didn't see that coming, that wasn't execution that was an overmatched defense blowing assignments or quitting, display of amateur football.

Oregon matched hustle with hustle, finally unleashing its hurry up offense. How else can an offense that eats game clock like Condor egg omelets pack the seventh most total plays in Division I football? Did I say conditioning concerns? Psyche*.

Unger quickly engages defensive tackle Jeray Chatham. He gets into and under Chatham and as the block evolves, Unger becomes more dominant and Chatham more dominated. Jeremiah Johnson cuts outside-left for seven.

-Hurry Up-

Oregon shifts its pocket right and Unger contains without contact. Masoli finds Scott for 21.

Unger passes the defensive tackle and takes an undeviating line to reserve end Jamie Blatnick. Solid block that assists Johnson in rushing for six.

-Hurry Up-

Oregon again shifts its line right, and again Unger is left looking for an assignment to block. He shows good awareness dropping from the line and eyeballing Masoli's blindside. Masoli finds Ed Dickinson for 19. Did you know that Greg Knapp called more designed rollouts in 2007 than any other offensive coordinator1?

-Hurry Up-

Oregon's line shifts hard left, Unger doesn't much standout, and Masoli uses the exposed cutback lane right to break free for 17 and the score.

1 Pro Football Prospectus 2008

*Hat tip Logan from fifth grade. It was messed dropping that tack on that girl's chair though, yo.