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Sims and Spencer Return, and Hasselbeck's Guns

First comes a piece from the Times on the recovery of Rob Sims and Chris Spencer. Apparently, torn pectoral muscles and bulging disks make it difficult to play football. The article is pretty short and straightforward, so I'll just leave you to read it, as it's a fairly standard injury return article: They were hurt, couldn't do daily routine things, and now are back better than ever. Add a pun and some fluff, and viola!

Secondly, Matt Hasselbeck's interviews are usually worth catching. He's are pretty self-aware guy with some wit, and he even decides to forgo sleeves and show off his guns. Interestingly enough, Hasselbeck brings up Courtney Taylor as well. You'll have to listen carefully, as the interview is difficult to hear over the wind.

Friday topic of discussion: How do you feel about Seahawk neon green? Personally, I love it as an accent and I love the neon shoes and gloves. I'd mug Deion Branch for a pair of those gloves.