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Branch and his Knee

Most post-injury player articles look the same. When asked about their injury and subsequent recovery, players invariably say something along the lines of, "I'm stronger than ever and feel better than I did before the injury." The article then will go on to talk about how Player X has been dedicated to their recovery and is primed for their best season as a Pro/Collegiate/High Schooler/Rodeo Clown. But not Deion Branch.

"You will never be back to normal once you have this type of procedure done. I actually feel stronger, but it's not normal," said Branch, who turns 30 next month.

OK, so maybe Branch did say that he feels stronger, but at least he's honest about his injury. Having been out as long as Branch has, getting back to activities with the team excited everyone. 

"I think I'm like the jumper cable for the team," Branch said. "All the guys, I think they were way more excited, screaming in the locker room when they saw me trying my helmet on."

Wednesday's workout limited to position drills was Branch's first practice of any kind with the team since the days leading into last season's finale Dec. 28 against Arizona. He then elected to have a second, clean-out surgery on his reconstructed left knee.

A completely functional Branch will go a long way helping the Hawks' efforts at returning to the top of the NFC West. This ongoing subplot of the offseason (the hopeful return to health of quite a few of the key veteran Seahawks) remains one of the major factors in determining the height of the Seahawk rebound.