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The End of Minicamp

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Now that minicamp is over, the Seahawks have about seven weeks until training camp. For a wrap up of the minicamp, here's USA Today.

How did Jim Mora feel about the work to date?

"We had an outstanding offseason. We had 12 weeks of work. We had 22 practices. And throughout the offseason we had 96 percent attendance -- and it's all voluntary except for this minicamp. I think that says a lot about our football team and the men on it ... the determination they have to be a heck of a team this year."

The definition of voluntary for offseason activities is something more like, "It is strictly up to the players whether or not they would like to attend, as long as the answer is "yes" or "I would love to attend, but I have recently had surgery and there would be a lot of internal bleeding if I try to practice." In the case that a given player should not attend, players and coaching staff alike will leak little bits of disappointment to the press, and the coaching staff may or may not hold it against the player upon their return to mandatory events."

In an NFL that guards play books like launch codes to nuclear warheads, Mora is allowing his players to take theirs with them on vacation. He wants no excuses that Seattle's new offensive and defensive schemes are foreign once the season essentially begins in seven weeks.

Good. Give them as much time as possible to learn the playbook. It would be foolish to do otherwise. Mora will also ask the rookies to stay around in programs akin to new student orientation.

Mora will lead them [the rookies] on outings to a Mariners baseball game, a Storm women's basketball game and to the top of the Space Needle.

Get ready for a boring stretch of summer. By the time football returns on July 31st, we'll be about 5 weeks from the start of the season. Can't wait.