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Roster Spots

Every so often, Eric Williams puts together a look at the Seahawk roster and how the various positions shake out. He provides the average number of players kept at each position in the past, and who he believes is safe, on the bubble, or in trouble. Since the man has a full time job covering the Hawks, it's interesting to see his observations set out in this format. You will click through and read the entire piece because that's how you were brought up.

A few positions have little intrigue to them:

  • QB. We know who the starting and second string QBs will be, and it's down to Jeff Rowe and Mike Teel to figure out who plays third fiddle. I'm rooting for Teel.
  • RB. While Eric has five locks at running back with Devin Moore and David Kirtman in the hunt, I can't imagine a situation in which Moore loses out to Kirtman. With Schmitt and Griffith on the roster in a mostly one back offense, it makes little sense to carry a third FB. If the Hawks keep six running backs, Moore should be  the guy.
  • Offensive line. Wrotto should make the cut, and that would leave Williams and Vallos vying for a potential last spot.

Positions of slightly more intrigue:

  • Cornerback. Kelly Jennings is an almost guaranteed 5th wheel on a team that usually keeps 4.5 corners. I guess that makes sense, as Jennings is exactly half of a corner.
  • Safety. Which of the three young safeties will hit the practice squad and who will stick around?
  • Wideout. Outside of the obvious four, the Hawks will have a lot of paring down to do out of the rest of the underachievers. In other exciting news, two white men try to make like Bill Schroeder*.

What roster spot battle most makes your pulse quicken?


*Poor Bill Schroeder. From his Wiki page:

Career stats
Receptions     304
Receiving Yards     4,583
Touchdowns     28
Stats at
Career highlights and awards
  • No notable achievements