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2008 Season Retrospective: Jordan Kent

Overview: Jordan Kent played in nine games, starting one, but did not record a reception. He had three tackles: two assists and one solo.

What went right: Kent was productive in the preseason, catching eleven passes for 128 yards and two touchdowns. He's a good member of the community and not linked to any outstanding homicides.

What went wrong: Kent lacks ability to play football at the professional level.

Outlook: That he did show excellent growth in the preseason only underscores just how unprepared he was when he was drafted. He grew from a mediocre college receiver to someone that could make it in the USFL. The next leap is much more difficult. His route-running is elementary, knowledgeable of the basics, but incapable of application. He is lost when covered. Kent does not receive in traffic and does not separate.

His play on special teams is endangering his career. As a gunner, Kent is uncontrolled and erratic but somehow predictable. He runs past the returner at ever opportunity. Seattle could sign a street free agent and expect better play.

A street free agent is less likely to be 6'4", 219 and capable of running a high 4.4 forty. Kent remains one of the most physically gifted players on Seattle's roster, but it's incorrect to say he has the most potential. Usain Bolt does not have better potential than Anquan Boldin. The Maddenization of football's fanbase contributes to this thinking. Kent isn't Bolt, and he possesses enough football skills to tantalize, but it is not enough to be tall, fast and strong, one must be gifted in the specific abilities that make a receiver great. I've yet seen proof that Kent has gifted coordination, concentration or reflexes. Maybe Kent "learns" those abilities, and maybe this preseason proves he's just a tall kid that can run fast.