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Season Retrospective: Jon Ryan

Overview: Seattle cut Ryan Plackemeier and signed Jon Ryan before week two. Ryan would punt for Seattle for the remainder of the season.

What went right: Ryan punted for the seventh highest average in the NFL, 45.6 yards per punt.

What went wrong: Ryan's average is a function of Seattle's weak offense and poor field position. His kicks were long but low, and Ryan's net yards per punt was 13th in the league, 38.4. He forced very few fair catches, only eight, or about 10% of his 78 punts. That was the third worst rate in football. He had 22 punts end within the 20 and seven within the 10, both among the league worst. Accounting for all variables, weather, opponent ability and the rest of the punting team, but also counting Ryan Plackemeier in week 1, Seattle's punt team was worth one point above average.

Outlook: Ryan played in 16 games for the Green Bay Packers in 2007 and 2006, and those punting units were worth -3.7 and -4.9 points respectively. He never looked like more than a below average punter in 2008 and that's my expectation of him in 2009.