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Carlson on 2009

While rarely informative, I always enjoy hearing athletes talk*. While some of that stems from the entertainment value inherent in watching someone like Chris "Birdman" Anderson try to deliver holiday greetings (or Brandon Jennings running his mouth), these opportunities give you a better idea of the person in question. John Carlson took three minutes out of his life to talk to ESPN, and I think you'll enjoy hearing what he has to say. The content is fairly standard, but then again you shouldn't expect to learn Seahawks football strategy from one of these blurbs. More than anything, it's a chance to learn that John Carlson sounds like (sample size: three minutes) a well-grounded and intelligent young man.


* The notabe exception being on-court postgame interviews. Even the most well-spoken athletes (Tim Duncan comes to mind) just refuse to give any information away despite the labored insistence of the reporter.It's like watching a methed-up Quebecois try to bleed maple syrup from a spruce tree.