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2008 Season Retrospective: Justin Forsett

Overview: Seattle selected Justin Forsett with the 233rd selection of the 2008 NFL Draft. In the second week of the preseason, he ran for 136 yards on 15 carries. He ended the preseason with 248 yards on 46 attempts, but two fumbles. Forsett made the 53 man roster but was inactive in week 1. He was waived before week 2, signed by the Colts, played three games for Indianapolis as a punt returner, was waived again and re-signed with Seattle. He played in the next 11 games as a punt returner.

What went right: Clobbering Chicago's second string defense in Qwest Field was the story of the preseason for Seattle and Forsett has ridden that performance to cult status among some Seahawks fans. It was a heck of a showing. Unlike an ordinary preseason !.? yards per carry performance, Forsett didn't mix a very long run with a bunch of short stuff. He had six runs of ten yards or more and wasn't boom or bust, but steady and sometimes explosive. It was faint, perhaps false, but there was a buzz of seeing something special, someone special emerging.

What went wrong: Forsett performed poorly against his next two opponents, San Diego and Oakland, averaging three yards per carry and fumbling twice. Less reported but vital for the future of a scat back, Forsett looked pretty clunky as a receiver. He was cut by Seattle and Indianapolis and does not look to have the initial quickness or long speed of a great punt returner.

Outlook: Seattle gave Forsett a passive thumbs-up by not signing or drafting another high profile rusher to backup its two starters. That's big, because Greg Knapp builds his offense around two rushers, including running formations without a lead blocker but two true running backs, and should either Julius Jones or T.J. Duckett be injured, Forsett is next in line. Well he could be should he beat out rookie Devin Moore. Moore has very good top speed, but wasn't invited to the NFL Combine, wasn't drafted, doesn't have experience as a punt returner and isn't considered an outstanding receiver. Forsett's job is probably safe. I think he could be ok: productive but not dangerous and liable to injury. I think Seattle could use better depth at running back.