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One Down

The Seahawks yesterday agreed to terms with 7th round pick Courtney Greene. Just what were those terms? Four years, $1.75 million (with $43,000 as a signing bonus). If you take a look around the league, you'll notice that Greene's signing is fairly early, which is a good start. It should come as no surprise that the Hawks will try to get their picks signed and in camp as soon as possible, seeing as how that's the goal of the whole exercise. While the 7th rounders don't have the leverage to get petulant, Greene really should be in camp and hard at work as soon as possible. Hopefully this is a sign that the rest of the later round picks will follow suit shortly.

Having the fourth overall pick also bodes well for Seattle's ability to sign that pick. Ordinarily, the later first round picks wait and see how the top of the class shakes out in order to figure out just how much blood they can squeeze from their teams. With Stafford already signed and no linebackers ahead of Curry in the draft order, there should not be any outside influence keeping either side from sitting down and negotiating.