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2008 Season Retrospective: Craig Terrill

Overview: Craig Terrill played in 16 games, starting one. He had 21 tackles, three tackles for a loss, two sacks and a blocked field goal.

What went right: Terrill had almost the exact same season he's had every season since becoming a regular in 2005.

What went wrong: Terrill is a role player in the extreme. He sees too many snaps and ends too many snaps blocked out and bullied.

Outlook: Terrill flies off the line and relentlessly attacks his gap. He can disrupt blocking schemes, change a rusher's route and collapse the pocket. He doesn't do any of the three consistently enough to warrant the 459 snaps he participated in 2008. When he doesn't get position, blockers easily engulf him. He's pushed around and knocked into his linebackers. His spin-move is more often than not aborted mid-turn, blocker locking him down, walking him like an inmate and gashing a hole in Seattle's interior defense.

John Marshall had the curious habit of putting Terrill at nose tackle on a three man line. Double teams overmatch Terrill. He's a single-gap tackle that must be assigned a single-gap or become a liability. But he's a good, cheap single-gap tackle that the Seahawks should be benefiting from. The first step, the spin -- Terrill is a boom or bust defensive tackle that mixes great plays with getting dominated. Picking when the gamble is worth it what a good defensive mind does.

Cory Redding might displace Terrill as Seattle's primary pass rush specialist at defensive tackle.