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2008 Season Retrospective: C.J. Wallace

Overview: C.J. Wallace played in twelve games primarily as a special teams gunner. He had 14 special teams tackles. Wallace missed time with hamstring and knee problems.

What went right: Wallace protected his spot on special teams by being an active, form tackler and the team's special teams tackle leader. He is one of the Seahawks few steady special teams players and perhaps the best at preventing long returns.

What went wrong: That steadiness is at expense of athleticism and almost any playmaking ability. Wallace averaged 13.4 yards allowed on his punt return tackles. Seattle as a whole averaged 10.1 yards per opponent punt return -- 20th in the NFL. He averaged 24.7 yards allowed on his kick return tackles. Seattle as a whole averaged 25.6 yards per opponent kick return -- 31st in the NFL.

Outlook: Courtney Greene is gunning for Wallace's roster spot. He has better speed, better athleticism and significantly more potential as a safety. Seattle will likely retain seven to eight defensive backs with Marcus Trufant, Ken Lucas, Deon Grant and Josh Wilson roster locks, and Jordan Babineaux and Brian Russell near-sure things. The seventh and eight man could be either a safety or a cornerback, with one each most likely if eight are retained. Many things will play a part in who sticks, including Greene's practice squad eligibility, but no doubt Wallace is playing for his career this August. If Greene proves his mettle this preseason, Seattle will decide in favor of talent, depth and production and cut Wallace and retain Greene.