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Seattle Seahawks 2008 Season Retrospective: Jordan Babineaux

Overview: Jordan Babineaux played in 14 games including starting at right cornerback in week seven at Tampa Bay. He was suspended in week one for a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy and did not play in week 16 against the Jets because of a concussion sustained in week 15 at St. Louis. He had 60 tackles including 57 solo tackles, three passes defended, one interception, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery for 24 yards and a touchdown.

What went right: If Seattle ever went pure Tampa 2, Babineaux could make a pretty good reserve corner, because he's a big hitter, a pretty sound tackler and decent in zone coverage. He's fairly described as serendipitous. As a low-level role player, Babs is a good talent to have around because he makes things happen.

What went wrong: Between those Big Play[s] is a lot of little plays in which Babineaux does little more than screw up big. He's a liability in coverage; Wont to fixate on the quarterback's eyes and let receivers run around him uncontested and neglected. Babineaux allows receptions and then attempts to blow up receivers, but the end product is a positive offensive play that weakens Seattle. Babineaux had 60 tackles in just 370 plays. Compare that to Marcus Trufant's 64 tackles in 1017 plays.

Outlook: Babineaux has carved out a nice little career for himself despite few tangible skills. He's fiery, versatile, a playmaker and I once referred to him as a "gamer". As a dime defender, Babineaux finally punched his weight as a cornerback, but Seattle doesn't need to spend $1 million annually to shut down Dexter Jackson, Dane Looker, James Thrash and Brad Smith. Babineaux falls into the Tim Ruskell blind spot of the established lower-tier veteran that Seattle pays to struggle when a younger, cheaper player could possibly play better and not likely struggle worse. He's young and maybe has a future at safety, but in five seasons and 67 games played, Babineaux hasn't so much improved as been embarrassed less as he's been demoted.

More Twitter shilling: Jordan Babineaux is a beloved Seahawk that is forever a part of the team's history, its story and he sucks.