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Seattle Seahawks 2008 Season Retrospective: Mansfield Wrotto

Overview: Mansfield Wrotto played in seven games and started four. He finished the season starting at right guard. Stats Inc. credits with him no sacks allowed, but Wrotto was called for one false start and three holds.

What went right: Wrotto is powerful and mean as hell. He has an explosive hand punch and will-to-hurt that grades out better than his actual blocking. Agile in a big man way, Wrotto is nimble in a phone booth and smooth and graceful enough to pull into space. There his power supplements his rudimentary technique and he can bash linebackers and defensive backs without having the best positioning or timing.

What went wrong: Which is to say Wrotto has a lot of talent, but not a lot of skill. He's periodically slow off the snap and too often searches for his assignment after the snap. He doesn't react well to misdirection and is a cape-like blockade against blitzes -- all veronica and no faena. Wrotto does not execute plays well and is best equipped to seek and smash without greater complexities like where, how and when.

Outlook: Wrotto is a good kind of reserve: cheap, talented and young. He made significant strides between his rookie season and 2008. So there's potential, time and reason to believe he's capable of fulfilling his potential. On the bench. Pass blocking is essential even by guards, and Wrotto cannot yet adequately pass block. To say Wrotto cannot yet adequately pass block is to say Wrotto is bad, is an exploitable weakness, and is incapable of doing his duty that is most important to Seattle winning. So he should sit and learn, and the Seahawks faithful should hope he can continue to make strides like he already has and learn to maul pass rushers as effectively as he already mauls run stuffers.