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Seattle Works Out Centers Cory Withrow and Grey Ruegamer

Adam Caplan is reporting that Seattle is hosting centers Cory Withrow and Grey Ruegamer today. This is mostly interesting because both are centers, and at 287 and 299 respectively, neither are ideal candidates for other positions. Seattle is stacked at center. Chris Spencer is a former first round pick and now a seasoned veteran. Max Unger is this year's second round pick and considered a top prospect. The team also has Steve Vallos as depth and Mansfield Wrotto as emergency depth. Withrow and Ruegamer are career journeymen with 17 career starts apiece. Each could probably play guard in a pinch, but less capably than most of Seattle's roster.

Bottom line is that these tryouts are most likely indicative of the instability in Seattle's offensive line. The team wants to push its young guys, but understands the unit has holes and needs some veteran stability. Seattle did something similar to this last season at defensive tackle, but when the regular season started, it kept its players and shed Larry Tripplett.