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Seattle Seahawks Injury Status: Safety

Deon Grant: Seattle's only significant injury to a safety turned out to be not so significant. In week six, Grant collided with Packers' fullback Cory Hall on the first play from scrimmage. After the game he said, "I heard a pop, so it must be an MCL," and added, "Something happened with it. I didn't get any tests. I just put a brace on and went back out there." Grant was listed as "probable" "knee" before week 7, played and nothing more was said about it. He played in 99.1% of Seattle's defensive snaps. It was his eight consecutive season starting all 16 games.

Courtney Greene: Greene started 51 consecutive game at Rutgers.

Brian Russell: Russell missed one play all season. Predictably, without their field general's direction, Kelly Jennings stumbled over his feet, Deon Grant bit on play-action, Jordan Babineaux put his helmet on backwards and Marcus Trufant gouged out his owns eyes with his thumbs.

C.J. Wallace: Wallace ended 2007 on injured reserve with an injured knee. Wallace was again listed with a knee injury in week 7. He played, but didn't record a tackle. Wallace then missed four weeks with an injured hamstring.