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Seattle Seahawks Injury Status: Offensive Guard

Rob Sims: Sims tore his left pectoral muscle before or during Seattle's week 1 contest at Buffalo, but played through the pain and finished the game. Marcus Stroud shamed him. Team Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Ed Khalfayan, repaired Sims the following Thursday. A pectoral tear is a "fluke" injury without possibility of recurrence. Sims can tear his pectoral anew, but the previous tear cannot itself recur.

Max Unger: Unger started 51 consecutive games at Oregon. He missed spring drills in 2007 because of hernia surgery.

Mike Wahle: Today, Tim Ruskell described Wahle's recovery from shoulder as "problematic". Ruskell is usually pretty optimistic about the health of his players. He didn't place Deion Branch on the PUP list last season, though in retrospect he certainly should have. He once said this about Marcus Tubbs:

"You know, you want to write him off and say, ‘Nobody comes back from that,' " club president Tim Ruskell said. "But Marcus' rehab has been nothing less than amazing. His attitude. He's hit every marker. In some cases, he's beaten markers, in terms of timelines.

"So I would not count him out. I would absolutely not count him out."

So when he describes a recovery as problematic and continues to say "We had kind of thought about [Max Unger playing left guard] as part of the plan," you can interpret "problematic" to mean "doubtful".

Mansfield Wrotto: Wrotto was listed with an "ankle" injury prior to week 15, but fully participated in practice and started that week's game in St. Louis.