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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Report: 7/31/2009

This will be updated as reports roll in.

Mike Sando, he of the fleet fingers and prolific blogging, is first in with the composition of today's first string offensive line.

The Seahawks' first-team offensive line, left to right, featured Sean Locklear, Rob Sims, Chris Spencer, Mansfield Wrotto and Ray Willis.

That's not an impressive bunch of names, but it's not a terrible group of talent. Locklear is (probably) a steady-enough left tackle. Sims is, again, steady and the two form a pretty good pass blocking left side. Spencer is rounded and the most talented of this bunch. The right side would be scary against any kind of strong pass rush, but if they're not refined, they're barbaric too. Wrotto and Willis are a couple of maulers cut from the same cloth. It's a little odd to see Sims at left and Wrotto at right, but I've read Tim Ruskell that thinks left is Sims natural position. Hmmm. Anyway, this unit will not be a good unit, it will likely be a below average unit, but it isn't a crippling unit and it might be a fivesome we see at some point this season.

Update: 7:37

Good to see Clare Farnsworth hasn't lost his touch. He isn't the only one back to form:


 Right tackle Ray Willis vs. left defensive end Lawrence Jackson. These two tangled twice, and Willis came out on top each time – literally.

First, they collided on a running play and Jackson had to leave the field to have his left ankle taped. Later, in the one-on-one pass rush drill, Willis flung Jackson to the ground. Before the tussle could escalate, teammates separated the two.

"It’s just football," Jackson said. "Nothing serious. Hopefully it’s not a regular thing, but things like that just happen in football."

Jackson isn't going to get a better pass-rush opportunity than one-on-one against Ray Willis. Not to be alarmist, but the time is near for Jackson to step up, because while he's not yet defining his potential, struggles like this say a lot about his progress and his chances of reaching that potential. Hopefully, Jackson is the type to turn this matchup into a vendetta and train and fight and struggle until he's the victor. Not the type to sulk.

Farnsworth has encouraging news about Nate Burleson and further validation that John Carlson is white Jesus. So check out the link.