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Still Unsigned

It's not easy to keep track of every single roster move by every team in the NFL, especially when your vested interest lies with one team. That's why I was somewhat surprised when I saw this list of free agents from Jason La Canfora's blog. Pretty impressive set of names, isn't it?

It's not surprising why several of those guys have not been signed. Edgerrin is on the wrong side of 30 and showed his age last season. Shaun Alexander. Marvin Harrison has the combination of age, injury, and some mysterious allegations following him. Mark Tauscher tore a knee ligament in week 13 last year and comes in at age 32. I was a sophomore in high school when Willie McGinest turned 30. DeWayne Robertson can't even keep a website running:



At this point, pretty much anyone on this [list] is looking at a one-year, veteran-minimum-type deal, so it’s not a tremendous investment, and a lot of teams have ample space after the salary cap jumped this offseason.

With injuries such a part of the game, most teams will be looking for free-agent help by the first few weeks of August, with two-a-days chipping away at their rosters by then, and these guys are worth watching.

Barring a bunch of injuries, these guys won't be Seahawks. However, some teams will be desperate enough or at least willing to take a chance in signing some of these fellas. It's amazing how quickly NFL players go from stardom to the unemployment list.