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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Notes, Part 1

I just got in and am I'm a little worn out and more than a little hungry. Here are a few quick notes until tomorrow.

  • Logan Payne knows how to play. You can see his practiced feet in cut drills. He sets ups his breaks with a deep plant foot and snaps his body around. During receiving drills he watches the ball into his hands and after catching, holds it high between his forearm and bicep. It's the technique that Tom Coughlin taught Tiki Barber that fixed Barber's fumbling problems. Payne goes all out in practice and his effort is admirable, but he does look to be putting in maximum effort around players that are not. I can see why the front office likes Payne. More than most of Seattle's receivers, it's not technique, effort or consistency that will determine Payne's potential, but his athleticism. If he can contribute, he will contribute.
  • On Monday, Brian Russell and Josh Wilson were jawing about something or another on the sideline. Wilson had gotten into a scrape with Michael Bumpus and it looked pretty intense. There was a dog pile and the two were forcibly separated. Bumpus is in a position where he has to go all out. Wilson is not. I wonder if that creates some friction between the established players and the guys on the bubble. Russell was probably telling Wilson to act like a veteran if he wants to become a veteran.
  • Wilson did turn it on for one play. He had tight man coverage on Branch on a deep pass, and when Matt Hasselbeck's pass sailed a little, jumped up and caught it for an interception. It was Trufant-esque.
  • Watch Mike Teel's pocket presence if he gets snaps on Saturday. I saw the strangest thing on Monday. Seattle's quarterbacks were alternating during receiving drills. In one, a coach was acting as a pass rusher. He would "rush" the quarterback with his hands up and the quarterback would need to complete the pass over or around him. It was decidedly low-pressure. But there was 14, inexplicably throwing pass after pass off his back foot. Teel has a cannon. Easily the best arm in camp, but "under pressure" he was throwing Alex Smith ducks from Alex Smith's second favorite position.