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Walter Jones Returns to Seattle Seahawks Practice and Other Non-Stories

Sorry to pee in everyone's corn flakes, but it is not significant that Walter Jones took the practice field today. The Devil is in the details.

We haven’t seen the big guy out on the practice field since the first day of training camp almost two weeks ago, but offensive tackle Walter Jones is out working with the team at the beginning of practice. The Seahawks are going just helmets and jerseys today as they get ready for Saturday’s game at San Diego.

It's Jones first appearance on the practice field in almost two weeks. He is working out at the beginning of practice when the team does routine stretching. The Seahawks are going just helmets and jerseys today, which means it's a no contact practice. There's no indication in what capacity Jones is working out. It's possible he is only stretching. Jones' particular injury is vulnerable to the force of contact. It's that Jones is 300+ pounds and will collide with opposing 300+ pound players in collision after collision after collision that endangers his health.

This is neither milestone nor harbinger. It's just a player we all sincerely hope is healthy taking the field and doing something. If Jones were suffering late-onset polymorphous light eruption and not a bum knee, this might be significant. But as-is, if you were hopeful about Jones, stay hopeful, if you're suspect of his health, don't be fooled, everything is still status quo ante.