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Mansfield Wrotto Out Means Max Unger Likely to Start

Danny O'Neil reports that Walter Jones, Marcus Trufant, Grey Ruegamer and Mansfield Wrotto will not travel with the team to San Diego. The team has not confirmed it, but this means Wrotto's immediate backup, Max Unger, is likely to start at right guard. Flip the guards, and this was tied for the second least likely offensive line as determined by Seahawks readers. It's a line I really like and see as Seattle's offensive line of the future. It's a good mix of power and technique. You have powerhouse to take on the nose guard, Rob Sims. Spencer and Unger can move around and be the heart of Seattle's running game. The Seahawks have another 3-4 buster in Willis, who matches well against most 3-4 ends (and especially Calais Campbell). And the left tackle is good against the edge rush. It's also pretty cheap.

Everyone but Spencer should see reps for most of the first half. Though the move from Spencer to Steve Vallos weakens the interior, Vallos is comparable to Spencer in what he can do within the system. So the quality will change, but the playbook shouldn't. This should be very interesting.

Tomorrow: Storylines heading into the preseason.