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Seahawks vs Chargers Game Thread



The preseason is simple. You stay healthy in the first half and then you dominate the second half.

Numbers to watch:

28 Travis Fisher: A quiet pickup that could payoff. Former second round pick and still just 29 Look to see if he still has the agility and speed to compete in the NFL. Could turn into a monster dimeback.

55, 91, 95, 96, 98 and 99: Seattle's non-Patrick Kerney defensive ends. Someone from Darryl Tapp, Baraka Atkins, Lawrence Jackson, Michael Bennett, Nick Reed and Derek Walker needs to step up. Pressure is on the first three. Pressure is on Lawrence Jackson to begin fulfilling his potential. Watch to see if he can get past the tackle. He couldn't as a rookie.

60 Max Unger: Starting at right guard and then transitioning to center in the second half. See how he's progressing. He hasn't shined in training camp, but it is the game where he lives.

59 Aaron Curry: Pass rush..?

14 Mike Teel: Performing like an NFL quarterback is not necessary. Some shine of potential would be nice, though. Watch him under pressure.

27 Jordan Babineaux: Can he play safety?