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Seattle Seahawks 20 San Diego Chargers 14

It's the preseason and I'm going to break open a beer. I suppose you already have.

Looks like everyone is healthy, and, blaow, the team won.


Nick Reed: There's give-good-quote football intelligence and then there's this-guy-excels-at-his-job football intelligence. Nick Reed is short, thin and has little musculature. He is dwarfed by his opposition. All he does is play football. Reading that pump fake and dropping in between Whitehurst and his outlet receiver, that was brilliant football.

Michael Bennett: The most dominant player at any position. He was destroying the Chargers second string offensive line. Lived in the backfield and all together played at another level than his competition.

Mike Teel: Looked like a pro. That's what you want in a rookie quarterback's first game. We knew about the gun. It's nice to see he can be very accurate, just not accurate often enough. Yet.

Devin Moore: Moore should get a look returning. Let's not ruin our pants because he  looked shifty against jobbers.

Max Unger: Played a full game and had a couple good blocks. Most importantly, he was steady and kept the middle-integrity.

Courtney Taylor: Only two receptions but both were impressive. It's the preseason, you impress with the looks you get.

David Hawthorne: Shot gaps and showed something in coverage.

Julius Jones: Most impressive running back to take the field.

Jordan Babineaux: Keeping his name in the safety discussion.

Seattle Punting and Kicking Coverage Teams


Brandon Coutu: Kickoff distance matters.

Deon Butler: Destroyed pulling in a catch and as clueless returning as a professional football player can be.

Kevin Hobbs: Picked on and consistently unaware.

Pass rush from starters: Rivers and Volek with time to go deep.

Marquis Floyd: But you're invited to next year's training camp, young man.