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Five Observations from the Seattle Seahawks First Offensive Drive

5. Greg Knapp's spacing is tighter and he uses the pass to set up the run. Wide receivers align closer to the offensive line, he relies on his tight ends to block and Knapp uses John Carlson's versatility to play tight end and wide receiver - sometimes in the same play. On the fourth play of Seattle's first possession, third and one from the Seahawks 46, Carlson motioned out of right tight end to the left slot. There he was able to seal block and create an outside rushing lane. It wasn't used.

4. Carlson nullified and walked back Shawne Merriman on Julius Jones eight yard rush.

3. Luis Castillo ripped through John Owens and tackled Jones for a one yard loss on the next play.

2. Chris Spencer chips and pulls. On third and one, he chipped Jamal Williams and pulled to block Eric Weddle. Weddle was walked into the box and playing, position wise, middle linebacker. Max Unger couldn't contain Williams by himself and Williams tackled T.J. Duckett for no gain. Williams is a preternaturally large human being.

1. Check "learn how to cut block" off Owen Schmitt's to-do list. On four plays and three runs, he buried a pad into Tim Dobbins' hip upending him and then on third and one, went low to drop Keith Burnett.