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Three Observations from the San Diego Chargers First Quarter Ending Drive

3. Aaron Curry played end in Seattle's 4-2/3-3 nickel package. As previously reported, he missed his assignment and looked over his head. I think we can point to this moment and state, without hesitation or hyperbole, Aaron Curry is a total bust.

2. Red Bryant is a force against the run. His skills as a pass rusher are underdeveloped. If I could give a reason Colin Cole might be a better starter than Bryant, it's that Cole is better at walking down and disengaging the offensive lineman. Bryant has little trouble holding ground, steering and disengaging backwards or horizontal to make run plays, but he doesn't have the one killer pass rush move you need to get behind the blockers and into the backfield.

1. What Darryl Tapp lacks holding the point, he partially makes up with his ability to slice into the backfield and disrupt run plays.

San Diego: WR (left), WR (right), TE (right), I

Seattle: 4-3 Under

1-10-SD 33 (2:43) 43-D.Sproles up the middle to SD 35 for 2 yards (55-D.Tapp).

Seattle's defensive line bunches tight and Curry is walked up and just outside the left tackle's outside shoulder. He blitzes from the weak side, but overruns the play. Tapp explodes from the line, buries a shoulder into Marcus McNeill and then in a rare moment of awareness on a good talent that struggles with control, Tapp turns a right angle, plunges towards Darren Sproles and wraps him as he's crossing the line. Tapp is only 24. He's younger than Red Bryant. Tapp is a free agent in 2010.