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Seattle Seahawks Sign Cornerback Travis Fisher

Travis Fisher is a medium sized corner that had a promising start to his career eaten up by seasonal injuries. Mike Sando is reporting that Drew Rosenhaus has announced via Twitter that Seattle has signed Fisher. This is a pretty good value pick. Mostly likely he doesn't stick. The purpose of this signing is to fill out Seattle's training camp depth at corner. Marcus Trufant is currently on the PUP list, but there's little indication he's seriously injured. Should Fisher stick, he could battle Kevin Hobbs and Kelly Jennings for the dimeback position. He lacks Jennings athleticism, but he's a better zone defender than either. He is Seattle's fourth best zone defender now that Jordan Babineaux is committed to safety. So, nothing to get too excited about. Once upon a time Fisher was a pretty good athlete, but it's anyone's guess how much of that's been lost to a rash of knee and groin injuries. But Fisher has a chance to make the opening day roster and should he, Fisher could surprise.

The remaining question is who is cut when Aaron Curry signs? I would guess a wide receiver.