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Michael Bennett Tackles Michael Bennett for a Loss of Two Yards

The pedigree, the tools, the underachievement throughout college, I didn't think Seattle would retain Michael Bennett and I didn't think they would regret the decision. But then, HOLY CRAP, Black Olympics takes the field and costs a man his job! Ryan McDonald must be madder at Bennett than Mike Freeman. Freeman might feel slighted by the Bennett brother's Williams & Walker routine, but at least he didn't get stomped into the turf and drop kicked towards the unemployment line. The two met twice in the concluding drive of the first half. Bennett swam McDonald on the second play, but did not otherwise factor. On the first play, he surged so fast and with such authority he knocked McDonald flat on his back straight off the snap.

Bennett tackled Michael Bennett for a loss of two against San Diego's left side and their attempted double team. He was unstoppable. Nick Reed, yes, with his moves and awareness, must be recognized, but if you're looking for the fringe talent that could establish himself and not only make the squad but potentially become that rare non-drafted free agent to become a star, that's Michael Bennett. The kid with the tools of a pro, but the performance of a nobody, is immature as an athlete and maybe a man, but immaturity and talent are kissing cousins, and if he can dominate in the regular season the way he dominated San Diego, he can don the burnt cork any day he wants.