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Top Ten Storylines of Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks: Cut Blocking

You just don't know how tired you are until you sleep 17 hours straight.

Two quick notes: I am going to punt the rest of the analysis on the first preseason game. Monday begins Field Gulls full time. My short term goals are more content, specifically more morning content. I am hoping to do more diverse content and more regular features, but that will be an evolving thing.

It's the second preseason game of the year. It's the first game in what may soon be known as the post-Walter Jones era. It's for sure the first game that we know the offensive line that starts tonight at Qwest is very likely the offensive line that Seattle will start its season with. That's tonight's big story and no matter the outcome of the season, will be big story for months to come. This unit will either be a pleasant surprise or a offense crippling failure. Don't believe anyone who tells you they know which.

I am going to run down the top ten storylines heading into tonight's preseason game.

Cut Blocking

Owen Schmitt and Max Unger can do it. Sean Locklear should be able to cut block and Chris Spencer has the potential. How about bulkier fellows Rob Sims, Ray Willis and Mansfield Wrotto? The latter six will fill out Seattle's starting offensive line. If only two can competently cut block, that will limit the versatility and effectiveness of its run game. I am not sure Willis ever needs to hit the turf and Seattle can survive with Sims only cutting in limited capacity, but Locklear and Spencer must contribute, and if Wrotto can't, he shouldn't start over Unger. If Lock, Unger, Spencer, Schmitt, John Carlson and John Owens can cut block, the team will be able to run in either direction effectively from multiple personnel packages.