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Nick Reed Continues to Define Nick Reed

Whatever Nick Reed does this preseason, he's probably destined for the Seahawks practice squad. There's decidedly little drama about that decision. Seattle is stacked at defensive end and it knows better than to endanger a regular season veteran for a preseason star.

Whatever Nick Reed did in San Diego, there is still only one pertinent question about Reed: Can he play in the pros? Warren Moon mentioned Reed was bigger. That he had added weight since joining the team. He entered the league 6' 13/8" and 245 pounds. That's a linebacker's build. He's only 21 and if he has already bulked up to around 260, as Moon claimed, he can add needed weight and more importantly, he can add the weight and still be effective.

Reed worked over undrafted rookie Dan Gay. Today he will match against Tyler Polumbus. Polumbus isn't Ryan Clady. He isn't yet Luke Petitgout. He is a two year veteran of the league, if never a starter, and he does have the kind of size Reed is expected to struggle against. Polumbus is 6'8", 310. He's also not bad from what I've seen.

Here's what I think: A tall, somewhat short armed and too thin offensive tackle plays right into Reed's strengths. Tonight will not be a defining moment in Reed's career, but another step towards establishing himself. He doesn't need to kill, but he does need to show. Underdogs never get a chance to stop scrapping.