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Can Justin Forsett Dignify His Roster Spot?

It's cool enough discovering something that sometimes one is blind to the fact that what they discovered isn't very good. It's the hipster curse. Inner ear trauma loses its cred when said trauma was suffered to see Keyboard. No, you want to drink Robert Pollard under the table at the 1001. You want to discuss haunted closets with a young Jeff Mangum. You want to have been there at The Milwaukie Show.

So excuse your less hardcore buddies for not understanding the Justin Forsett thing. They might not have been there August 16. They might wonder what the hype is over a MOR punt returner Seattle later cut. They might think there's a little vanity in blowing up a 5'8", kinda-slow seventh round pick that's never rushed in the regular season.

And they might be right.

Julius Jones is a game time decision. If he can't start, Forsett will get more looks, maybe some with Seattle's first team. Like everyone, Forsett is perfectly matched for Seattle's new zone blocking system and it will unlock his hidden talent, speed and height.

Forsett isn't a one cut and go guy. He looked best last preseason running behind Owen Schmitt. He has good quickness, lateral quickness and very good vision. He's probably more of a picker than a slasher. As I said when Seattle drafted him, he has some chance to stick in the NFL. I think he maxes at league average, but that wouldn't be too bad. Seattle needs functioning depth behind Jones and that could be Forsett. That's still a ways from being established. August 16 is not the idiosyncratic beginnings of a future legend, but it might be the day Justin Forsett first showed he could be a pro. If that's not worth suffering through, you might want to catch The International Pop Overthrow at the Mars Bar.