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Seahawks 27 - Broncos 13: Winners and Losers

Grand Champion

Nick Reed

He's not tall. He's not heavy. He doesn't look great with his shirt off. But, at football, he's Mozart at the composition table. God bless Seattle for being in the Pacific Northwest. Yes it's the preseason, but there's no bluffing mad skills like Reed's. In whatever capacity, this guy is a player. He's going to contribute on special teams. He'll excite in nickel packages. Oh yeah, that means he's making the roster.


Michael Bennett: Not as dominant as before, but another step towards making the team. Or making a team.

Deon Butler: One good return on a broke play doesn't mean all that much, but his receiving was excellent. Owner of the most impressive play on offense.

Justin Forsett: Catching in the flat and redirecting is something he can do. Proving it's a valuable addition to the playbook, and therefore he's a valuable addition to the offense is a preseason win.

Will Herring: Showing the tackle prowess he had heretofore lacked.

Baraka Atkins: Consistently disruptive. Played the straight man to Reed's half sack.

Heater: Cover ability? Yes.

C.J. Wallace: Proving he adds attack to the special teams.

Brandon Coutu: Long field goal improves his trade value.

Jordan Babineaux: Better than Brian Russell. So. So. So much better than Brian Russell. Also, BIG PLAY!


Sean Locklear: Handled. Bull-rushed by Elvis Dumervil. Looked bad throughout and bad at everything you fear he's bad at.

Ben Obomanu: Did not make a catch and did not look good on returns.

Seattle WRs: Seattle must keep Atkins and Reed. Who does it cut?

Josh Wilson: Reinforcing he is, in fact, a nickelback.

Jordan Kent: Looking more and more like he'll never get it.