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NFL Policy on Players and Twittering

The word twitter originates from the 14th century. It wasn't a time known for its labor relations. Twittering used to be the practice of birds and chickens and not something associated with the burly, hypermasculine warrior prototype. But the strong, silent type is fading, and communication, in all its trivial and attenuated modern forms, is vogue. So, with regalia transitioning from a shield bearing one's coat of arms to a personalized last name and a grill that could finance a mortgage, communication is no longer a shrug and a manly nod, but insight like this:

@sparxx_513 haters are good for you to start the day, it's called hatervating, motivation had sex with the hater and made a hatervater!

From Chad Ochocinco.

So what should be the NFL's policy on player's twittering? I've never given it much thought. But the Washington Post contacted SBN's football blogs and asked just that. My answer, in part:

If I were commissioner, my solution would be to have NFL players register their Twitter accounts through the NFL and run their tweets through screeners.

The rest of my response and the responses of my colleagues can be found at the Washington Post's football blog, The League.