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Seattle Seahawks Sign Edgerrin James

This comes as bit of a surprise. Pro Football Talk is reporting that Seattle has signed Edgerrin James to a one-year, $2 million contract. What does Edge offer that Seattle's existing rushers don't? Well besides war stories and a cadaver tendon. He was ineffective in his three seasons in Arizona. He was, though, about as effective as an Arizona running back got. Showing some moves and tackle breaking behind a line that couldn't run block three Craig Terrills and a Kelly Jennings. He still receives a bit, which is remarkable for a player his age. The speed is completely gone. He had a little hot spurt in the playoffs that got all-kinds of blown out of proportion, but he's not so much nearing the end as he is being pulled backed from other side by a GM with a fetish for winners.

Seattle fans should take this for what it is. At best, James gives Seattle some starting depth behind Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett. Justin Forsett is a third-down back and Devin Moore is unlikely to make the roster. Seattle is thin at starting running back because it employs two starting running backs, but has only one player to back up both.

At worst, James is being added because Jones is hurt worse than we've been told. Somewhere in between the two is that James will get carries he shouldn't, but also provide depth the team needs. Of course it needs depth, not Edgerrin James. And as far as depth goes, I would guess there are dozens of rushers that would be a better value and a better running back in 2009.

Twitter: Seattle Seahawks Sign Edgerrin James: Unconfirmed report links team to free agent Captain H. Veteran Winner.