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Report: Seahawks Release T.J. Duckett

I'm bummed.

This makes Edgerrin James the thunder to Julius Jones and Justin Forsett's lightning. Seattle joins a lengthy list of teams that have flirted with Duckett but passed. Maybe he's the NFL's Russell Branyan. Maybe he's the NFL's Andy Marte.

Without giving this lengthy thought, I can see two reasons Seattle dropped Duckett.

1. He's bad. Duckett is slow to the hole and that doesn't help an offensive line struggling to sustain blocks.

2. He's never been a receiver. When the rushing stalled and the emboldened Broncos defense fearlessly attacked the pass, it was the screen game and Justin Forsett that gave the offense life. James has declined as a receiver, but he's still functional running simple patterns and screens.

I was going to run a hokey "The Lost Tape: Cardinals at Seahawks" feature during the offseason. I'm sure I can unearth those notes and give the film another look and give a better exposition of what this means tomorrow.

But until then: Fuck.