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Running Back Dreaming on Such an Autumn's Day

While Seattle works out its mess at running back, I thought some would enjoy a little 2010 draft class talent spectating. This recent upheaval underscores Seattle's short term solution at running back and their lack of a succession plan after Edgerrin James and Julius Jones (T.J. Duckett?). A lot of readers stated they enjoyed the GM aspect of football: specifically the roster construction (though I'm sure the charity banquets are delightful). So to head off every thread devolving into fantasy GMing and rosterbation, here's a few 2010 prospects, passed through the Ruskell sieve, to enjoy on this autumn day of August.

If you hate this stuff, read no further.

C.J. Spiller: Academic All-ACC, three year contributor, leader, willing if undersized block, Spillman is the lightning half of a running back rotation. The draft produces a handful of burners in every class, but you will see exceptionally few that run away from ACC defensive backs like an average runner runs away from defensive linemen. Elite field speed. Return threat. Only 102 lost yards in 390 rushing attempts.

Charles Scott: Succeeded without a passing attack. Scott is decisive to the hole an undemanding. He played behind the perennially good LSU line. A thunder part of a rotation with a good enough first and second gear to occasionally break a good gain. Should fall to the second round or later.


Jonathan Dwyer: Thunder and lightning. Very good power and great second and third gears. Fills up a highlight reel, but not like Knowshon Moreno. Dwyer runs through and past defenders, but not often around defenders. He has not developed as a a receiver and has only caught ten passes in two seasons. The favorite for first running back taken, it would take injury or collapse to keep him out of the first round. Not yet 20.

Any other contender?