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Double Agent Kyle Orton

Seattle forced a quick three and out after a solid coffin corner by John Ryan. Seattle did something right, something wrong and then was done a solid by double agent Kyle Orton.

3. Lofa Tatupu knifed through the line and forced Peyton Hill wide. This is what Seattle's run game should be doing. Dominating at the line, allowing its linebackers to read and run and stringing rushes wide. D.D. Lewis stacked and shed Daniel Graham on the offensive left, coming free just as Hill began turning the corner. Tatupu closed from the backside and Lewis wrapped and tackled from the front. No gain.

2. Ken Lucas bit hard that Jabar Gaffney was going deep. That left Gaffney wide open and Lucas too far away to anything but tackle. Reception for seven.

1. Kyle Orton passes the ball across the left sideline. It was ankle breaking fake that had Chad Jackson nearly tumbling backwards. Drive sabotaged.