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Matt Hasselbeck Sacked--A Whodunit

Seattle repaid Denver the favor, punting two plays and then getting bollocksed up by stunts. Again.

3. Seattle spreads five wide. Denver stays cas, running a 3-3 nickel. It overloads the offensive left. Matt Hasselbeck could throw to T.J. Duckett who is releasing into the left flat. Duckett is not covered. But this is a designed play and there's no read involved. Beck plants and passes to Justin Forsett. Forsett is playing right flanker opposite Champ Bailey. Bailey tackles are a gain of two.

2. Feeling futile, Seattle decides to hand off to Duckett on a stretch left. Duckett, perhaps winded from crunches, does not follow the well orchestrated stretch left but instead cuts up field. It's like suicide by cop. Unblocked left defensive end Le Kevin Smith and left outside linebacker Mario Haggan supply the bullets. Duckett rushes for one.

1. Matt Hasselbeck Sacked-a whodunit.

The suspects:

Kenny Peterson: An "opponent" and the man found fleeing the scene. Known operative of the Broncos. The journey man. The red herring.

Chris Spencer: The man that makes the calls. Seattle reacted poorly to Denver's "2-4" formation. It seemed unprepared for this radically pass-defense- and blitz-centric formation to drop cover and bring pressure.

Matt Hasselbeck: Victim. Husband of Elisabeth and known supporter of Wendell Wilkie. At his advanced age, Hasselbeck is known to become confused, even stupefied, unable to move or make decisions. "A deer in the headlights." Known aliases: Tim, Beck, The Objectivist, Screamin' Eagle and Billy.

Sean Locklear: Emigrant from right tackle. Trouble adjusting to new customs and responsibilities. Can be seen on tape misreading the stunt, chasing Elvis Dumervil "in" before attempting to regain outside protection against Peterson. Shoved and swum aside, found doubled over the victim. Locklear complied with police. The crime's chief witness and number one suspect.