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It's Official: Seattle Seahawks Sign Edgerrin James; Cut T.J. Duckett

Readers occasionally tell me they get all their Seahawks coverage from Field Gulls. Why? Mike Sando is still rocking at ESPN and Doug Farrar and Brain McIntyre are doing excellent work at But if you haven't read this elsewhere, Seattle has officially signed Edgerrin James and released T.J. Duckett, ending the most nail-biting imbroglio of my lifetime since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Ok, so this was a foregone conclusion. More than even most transactions, there's a huge unknown component to this move. Broadly speaking, Seattle has traded long-term potential for short term security. Duckett is younger and can potentially be a much better rusher than the 31 year old James. James is more stable, better able to fill in as a feature back, more rounded in his abilities - i.e. receiving and pass blocking - and is less likely to bust. James, in all likelihood, is a league-average running back. Duckett with his youth, speed and power, his checkered history of great production but few attempts, is both a much less stable and more likely to be unproductive player, and a more distinct talent. He is a talent with upside.

Inch back from the edge of your seats. Cease beer-fueled daydreams about preposterous trades. Quiet nightmare scenarios about Julius Jones' health. Seattle has signed a remarkably bland player and cut another to make room.