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Broncos at Seahawks: The Defining Drive 1: Houshmandzadeh Loses Bailey

One thing I am working towards in a better integration of graphics. I can write 2WR (left) WR...or I can show you. The key is getting a portfolio of common formations.

This was the defining drive of the Seattle Seahawks game against Denver. I will now break it down, play by play, in loving detail*.


2-10-SEA 20 (2:31) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass short right to 84-T.Houshmandzadeh to SEA 27 for 7 yards (24-C.Bailey).

Denver is pressuring the outside gaps. This is the first sign it might be blitzing. Champ Bailey walks up to press T.J. Houshmandzadeh. That's the second sign Denver might be  blitzing.


Denver Blitzes five. Sean Locklear stays inside and it's up to T.J. Duckett to block Elvis Dumervil rushing from the outside left. He does. Owen Schmitt, playing half back, releases into the left flat. John Carlson runs a quick in. Jordan Kent runs a post.

On the right, Houshmandzadeh is baiting and weaving to avoid the press and confuse Bailey. He does. Housh cuts into a shallow slant. Bailey bites deep and loses cover. Matt Hasselbeck lightnings one into Houshmandzadeh, Housh receives and Bailey breaks on him. Houshmandzadeh's angle and separation allow him to catch, cut up field and drag Bailey for an additional two. He falls forward for seven.

*I am working towards improving the spacing, but the above is not perfectly accurate.