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The Drive: Justin Forsett for 30 and Chris Spencer Out 4-6 Weeks

The images are a work in progress. Criticize now, because when the season starts I will not adjust them. I am working out the kinks in the preseason. Motion arrows were requested. To do that, I think I will present two images: A pre-snap image and then one that captures the essential moment of the play. The latter will contain the motion arrows. I'll see if I can incorporate that into one of the graphics today. For now, this will have to do. I don't want to spend the rest of my day goofing around with GIMP.


(The graphic represents the formations of the two teams immediately before the snap)

At the snap, the Broncos blitz left cornerback Champ Bailey, the middle linebacker and rush all three defensive linemen. The left outside linebacker presses John Carlson. Right outside linebacker, Wesley Woodyard, drops into cover. The right corner and the nickelback press their respective receivers.

Seattle's left two receivers attempt to break the jam and run their route. Carlson begins a route, is pressed and then turns that press into a block. Deion Branch, playing right split end, begins running a crossing a pattern, sees he is uncovered and breaks route to assist Carlson blocking.

Chris Spencer is the first to release from the line. He first blocks and then pulls out into the right flat. Rob Sims and Max Unger join him shortly thereafter. Matt Hasselbeck fades back and slightly left. Justin Forsett runs, misses on a halfhearted chip block on Bailey and then releases into the flat. He curls behind his blockers. Hasselbeck lobs him a pass and they're off!

Sims, Spencer and Unger, left to right, run in wedge formation in front of Forsett. Forsett begins rushing up field. Spencer leads and is the first to encounter a defender, Woodyard, some 25 yards down field. Spencer squares to engage, turns left and pulls up lame. Woodyard wraps Forsett, but after a gain of 30. Spencer leaves the game with torn quadriceps.