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Sean Locklear Sacks Matt Hasselbeck for a Loss of Seven


Seattle couldn't stand up to Denver's stunts. Whenever a Bronco stunted, a Seahawk lapsed on his assignment. Some recovered. Others did not.

At the snap, left defensive end Carlton Powell (97) stunts hard towards center Steve Vallos and right offensive guard Max Unger. Kenny Peterson (90) fades and slides over top of Powell. Robert Ayers (56), attacking from left outside linebacker, blitzes. Elvis Dumervil (92) edge rushes Sean Locklear (75) from right defensive end.

Locklear fades slightly and engages. He's losing the bull rush but he's not beat. Ray Willis (74) fades dramatically, but when Ayers attempts an inside move, Willis stonewalls him. Vallos and Unger are doubling Powell. Their hard motion left opens a pass rush lane to their right. That's where Peterson attacks.


The pocket is collapsing all around Hasselbeck. To his left, Locklear is being twisted and bent back. Dumervil is walking him towards Hasselbeck. Peterson is all but untouched. Rob Sims fades back and attempts to help Locklear, but may in fact provide the block that breaks Locklear's back. Peterson trips and falls at Hasselbeck's feet. Hasselbeck can't move into the pocket and Willis, though containing Ayers, is deep and dangerously close to the center. Hasselbeck holds and bravely looks down field. Sims pushes...somebody...extends his arm, Locklear is walked into Hasselbeck's legs, trips and falls on top of Hasselbeck for the sack.

Peterson is credited with the sack.