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John Carlson Carves a Zone and Makes Diving Catch to Keep Seahawks Driving

Fail publicly and someone might just lend a hand. Alain Limia, my gratitude and the gratitude of Field Gulls' thousands of readers. Each spared my lame illustrations.

Seattle, in a show of boldness unfamiliar to Seahawks fan, converted the fourth and pressed on towards the end zone. It sprinted to the line and set four wide, shotgun with Justin Forsett at Matt Hasselbeck's left hip. Seattle calls a screen. Rob Sims and Max Unger pull to the outside left. Headpin Steve Vallos is stuck behind the line struggling to free himself from nose tackle Kenny Peterson. Hasselbeck can't wait. He finds Forsett in the flat, but the Broncos have numbers. Unger can't keep off safety Renaldo Hill and Hill tackles Forsett after a gain of four. Vallos shows up a second too late and BRussell bumps Wesley Woodyard. Yeah, punk, and you thought the play was over.

Time out.


Hasselbeck overthrows a well-covered Deion Branch on a skinny post through the center of the end zone. Then this.

3-6-DEN 23 (:40) (Shotgun) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass short middle to 89-J.Carlson to DEN 13 for 10 yards (55-D.Williams).

Broncos rush three and drop eight into a cover three zone. Hasselbeck takes a five step drop. The Seahawks offensive line has little trouble controlling Denver's four rushers, holding the middle and sealing the edge. Hasselbeck reads right, looks left, steps into the pocket and guns it John Carlson. Carlson falls to his right and receives for ten and the first down.